Fresh pizza delivery in Lagos

Delivery and takeaway deals

Pasta Combo

Get any pasta of your choice and a 50cl/60cl drink for N2000

New Pizza Alert: Dodo Supreme

Introducing Dodo Supreme pizza! It's got spicy beef, spicy chicken & dodo! Treat yourself today!

Dodo Combos

Enjoy amazing meal combinations alone or as a group. There is also something for the little ones.

Contactless Delivery

Our pilots can leave the food at any agreed location. Just mention "Contactless delivery" in the notes to the address. The pilot can call you and arrange an agreed location for the food. To ensure the best Contactless Delivery experience, please pay for your order online!

New Pizza Duet

Look, its a pizza duet! Buy 2 medium pizzas and 2 50cl/60cl Coca-Cola drink for N4400.

New Buy 2, Get 1 Free

What is better than 2 boxes of pizza? 3 boxes of pizza! Get 1 large box of pizza FREE when you buy 2 large boxes of pizza.

New Daily Boost

Boost your day with our signature Dodster + any chilled Coca-Cola 50cl/60cl drink for N1600.